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Site Name Site Mark Comment
The Spice Girls Home Planet 9/10 A great site with tons of information! Updated regularily!
United Colours of Spice 9/10 This is a wonderful site! It has lots of fun stuff to do, and great downloads!
Funman's Spicy Page 9/10 This site is amazing! It has loads of things to check out and is very well orginized!
It's A Girls World! 8/10 If you're bored, go to this site! You won't be bored for much longer! It has tons of stuff to do!
Spice Girls Generation 8/10 A very neat site! A page to add to your bookmarks!
Spice Girls !Forever! 8/10 This site has tons of information! It's one of the best sites on the web!
Spice Hut 8/10 This is a very creative site! If you like three dimensional stuff, visit this one! 6/10 This site is very neat! It has a lot of stuff to do! Visit this one!
The Fantastic World of Spice 6/10 Like links?! Visit this site! It has tons of links to other sites! It's a really good site!
All Sporty All The Time!! 6/10 This is a wonderful site! It has lots of stuff to do, be sure to visit it!