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Site Name Site Mark Comment
Spice It Up! 10/10 This site gets updated very frequently and is overall amazing!
Spice Zone 10/10 A really good site that is well layed out! Tons of news and info!
Spice Channel 10/10 This site is so good! I loved it!
Rickard's Word of Spice 9/10 This is a wonderful site! It has tons of stuff to keep you entertained!
Virtual Spice Girls 9/10 Wow! This site is so amazing! Check it out 4 sure!
United Colours Of Spice 9/10 Wonderful! That's all I can say about this site!
Spice 2000 8/10 Ready for the Millennium? This site is- it's got tons of Spicy things for you to do!
Spice Pix! 8/10 This page has sooo many pictures! It's great!!
The Toronto Spice Girls Website 7/10 A place for all Canadians, eh?! Being one, I loved it! Check it out!
Gavin's Spice Site 7/10 Pictures, pictures, pictures! Check this site out!

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