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Answer the mind-busting questions below, by either 
remembering your answers or writing them down. Click 
on the "Answers" link at the bottom of the page, and 
see how you did. Check your rating on the right of you.

1.  Who caught George playing with himself? 
    a) Estelle Costanza b) Elaine Benes c) Frank Costanza

2.  Who is Jerry's favourite Super hero?
    a) Spiderman b) Batman c) Superman

3.  Who did Elain date that is crazy?
    a) David Putty b) Joe Davola c) Jerry Seinfeld

4.  In Jerry's appartment, what type of computer does he have?
    a) Macintosh b) Laptop c) IBM

5.  What is Jerry's appartment number?
    a) 5C b) 5A c)5B

6.  What is Kramer's appartment number?
    a) 5B b) 5A c) 5C

7.  What is the name of Kramer's company?
    a) Kramerica b) Kramer Kingdom c) Kramer Ville

8.  What is the colour of the bike hanging in Jerry's appartment?
    a) Blue b) red c) green

9.  What is Newman's favourite type of soup from the Soup Nazi's store?
    a) Jumbaliya b) Carrot c) Pea

10. What show does Elaine try to write an episode for?
    a) "Friends" b)  "Murphy Brown" c) Jerry and Georges show "Jerry"


1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest, if you recieved:

1: You're definatly not the biggest Seinfeld fan, watch on Thursday nights, 
   9 - 9:30 pm, and try again later. Nice try though.

2: I think you should do what it says above too. Good try though.

3: Getting better, I know you can get 10, keep trying!! Great so far.

4: Only 6 more to go, I know you can do it.  Check your answers over,
   think about the questions.  I admit it's pretty hard!! Wonderful so far!!

5: Half way!! Make sure you read the questions.  You watch the odd time, 
   I can tell.  Great!!

6: Wow, you're doing wonderful.  You passed!! LOL!! You watch when you 
   have time, and you can tell from the great mark you recieved. Bravo!!
7: Fantastic!! You're definatly a Seinfeld viewer. Great job.
8: Wow!! That's great. You tune in Thursday's a lot, don't you?! We can 
   tell!! Wonderful!!

9: Spectacular!! You only got one wrong, go back and change it, and then 
   you'll be the all time Seinfeld fan!! Fabulous!!

10: Clap, clap, clap.  Wonderful, spectactular, marvelous!! You notice 
    every little thing on Seinfeld.  From the cereals Jerry keeps in his
    appartment, to what they wear each day.  You tune in every Thursday for 
    a new half hour of absoulutly nothing!! Congratulations!!