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HOW'D    YOU    LIKE    MY    PAGE??

Copy the text below and paste it on the e-mail, answering all the 
questions, or the ones you can.  Please feel free to add any comments.

 1. What did you think of my page? (Bad, Good, Excellent)
 2. Did you find what you needed?
 3. What activities (if any) do you play or view? (Ex: Trivia, Galleries)
 4. What would you rate my page out of 10 (10 being the best, 1 being the worst)
 5. What was your favourite part of my page?
 6. Was this your first visit?
 7. Will you come back again?
 8. Did you sign the guestbook?
 9. Did you enjoy your visit? 
10. Was there good information? 
11. Was the information accurate?

COMMENTS?? (good, bad or both!!) 


Please e-mail me here.
Q: Please click ONLY on the ones that you agree with.
You liked my site.
You'll come back again.
You signed the guestbook.
You did some sort of activity.

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