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This section will share with you all the most recent news that has to do with the Spice Girls and their private lives; weddings, relationships, children, etc!

Lets get started with the news!

July 15th 1999
"The Man She Left Behind."
Written by: Anthony Mitchell
Their lives couldn't be further apart. One a multi-millionaire England football star, the other a 200-a-week electrical engineer who installs burglar alarms.
But David Beckham and Mark Wood share an intimate secret - both have been engaged to Posh Spice. When Beckham today slips a gold band on Victoria Adams' finger Mark will be alone in the 43,000 one-bedroom Hertford flat that was to be their home, ruing that it could have been him.
"If I had married her our kid would probably be called Bournemouth or Blackpool, not Brooklyn," said Mark, 28. "They travel the world, yesterday I went to Rotherham on business. All she ever wanted was to be famous, but she also has the man to go with it."
Beckham has a 220,000 Ferrari among his five-car collection. Mark's pride is a five-year-old Jeep on the wrong-end of 10,000.Mark and Victoria got engaged as the Spice Girls were on the brink of stardom in 1993. He "worked every hour under the sun" to buy her a 1,500 ring he says he has not seen again. But although she proposed it wasn't long before success beckoned and the arguing began.

May 19th 1999
Emma Bunton has split up with Damage star Jade Jones after a string of fiery rows according to The Sun.
The celebrity couple blamed the split on their hectic workloads. But Bunton was photographed in a steamy clinch with a mystery man in London just weeks ago - fueling rumours the year-long romance was over.
Pals thought Bunton and Jones were made for each other and predicted marriage. She even took him to Spice Girls Mel G's wedding eight months ago.
She was said to be 'distraught' at the latest break-up and has been throwing herself into her career to get over it, having just started work on new BBC film Sleeping Beauty.
A friend told The Sun: 'The relationship just hasn't worked out and Emma decided to call it a day. 'She is really busy at the moment with her film project so she and Jade weren't seeing a lot of each other. She is pretty upset about it but knows it was the only solution. Emma hasn't had a lot of luck with men and she finds it frustrating.'

May 19th 1999
Spice Girl Mel B's eight-month marriage to husband Jimmy Gulzar is in trouble, it is reported.
The couple are said to be living in separate wings of their mansion as they battle to reconcile their marriage, The Sun newspaper reported.
It said the newly-weds were even involved in a legal battle for custody of their three-month-old daughter Phoenix Chi after 31-year-old Gulzar tried to stop Mel taking the toddler on a trip to America.
The paper says a High Court custody hearing set for last Friday was cancelled at the last minute by the showbiz pair.
A spokesman for Scary Spice, Mel B, told The Sun: "It has been an extremely difficult time for Mel and Jimmy but they are trying very hard to work it out. We all hope they succeed."
A friend told the paper: "After the glitz and glamour of their romance, it has now all gone wrong."
Speaking about the custody battle the friend said: "The papers were drawn up and a date was set for a preliminary hearing. But on Friday, just before the hearing was due to start, Jimmy and Mel spoke.
"They didn't resolve their differences, but they did manage to hold back from going ahead with the custody hearing."
The Sun reports that the pair have now arranged to see a marriage guidance counsellor.
Mel B is currently in America working while Gulzar remains in their 2.5 million mansion with Phoenix.

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