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Geri Halliwell News

Geri's new single, "Mi Chico Latino" will be out in the UK on August 9th. With this single, she returns to her Spanish roots. The song features flamenco guitars, Spanish beats and a "soaring melody" and work has just been finished on the accompanying video - shot in the Mediterranean by director Doug Nichol who made both Aerosmith's 'Pink' and Pulp's 'This Is Hardcore' videos. "It's inspired by my Spanish roots," says Geri. "It's a very passionate song about chasing the sweet life. Have you ever felt complete happiness or been in love? Well, those are the kind of feelings and emotions this song is all about."

Geri - I'm More Creative Without a Fella ! Workaholic, Geri Halliwell's revealed why she hasn't had a significant other in her life for the last six months: "The actual real reason why I chose not to have any sex, or sexual relationship at all, when I was writing my album I know Iím much more creative if all my energy goes into that". Perhaps now her album's been out a couple of weeks she might relax her sex ban. But bearing in mind her debut solo album, ĎSchizophonicí, didn't make it to No.1 and has dropped to No.15, perhaps it wasn't worth it in the first place! But Geri says she doesn't mind if a few fans have dropped off along the way: "I think you should never be afraid of change. Of course Iím frightened that Iím gonna fall over, but in life you canít stop living and changing."

Poor Geri Halliwell has been besieged on all sides by critics in the wake of the supposed 'failure' of No. 2 hit single Look At Me and the fact that Boyzone's greatest hits album By Request is outselling her debut solo offering Schizophonic (and indeed every other album in the chart) by a factor of five to one. First up on the soapbox is bad winner (and Boyzone's manager) Louis Walsh, who is quoted in Heat magazine as saying, rather ungallantly: "Geri should lose some weight, get some singing lessons and maybe do cabaret or go on a game show...The sophisticated thing doesn't suit her. She should go back to her Ginger roots" Then there's the sage advice of pop rent-a-quote (and former Bros manager) Tom Watkins, who was asked if he fancied managing Geri after she parted company with Lisa Anderson. He told the Daily Star: "She is just a bundle of nerves. Although she's brash, she's hardly Mensa league is she?.."I think she needs to get a good psychiatrist before she appoints a manager. I'm certainly not interested." In the meantime, Geri has been ignoring the whole furore and is concentrating on her UN duties. She's off to the Philippines soon to visit health education programmes there as part of an official fact-finding tour. She told the press: "I'm really looking forward to my first field trip as UN Population Fund goodwill ambassador. I know I've got a lot to learn but what better way than to go and see for myself...What's important about this trip is that it gives me the chance to meet the people who really matter - women who want to control their fertility and young people who are on the brink of making important decisions about their sexual health."

Geri Halliwell has sacked her manager Lisa Anderson following disagreements between the pair, and the failure of her debut solo single, 'Look At Me' to reach number one in the UK. This is not the first time that artist formerly known as Ginger Spice has found herself unable to continue a working relationship with a manager, she was instrumental in the demise of the Spice Girls<' manager Simon Fuller. According to a report in the Sun newspaper, a close friend of the star said: "Geri didn't like the way things were going and felt it was time for a change. She knows that she's at a vital stage of her career and doesn't want Lisa to be a part of it." The official line explained: "[Geri] and Lisa Anderson have concluded their business relationship. Geri's burgeoning career requires full-time managerial support. Ms Anderson's increasing commitment to other projects precludes her from fulfilling this role."

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