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Tripod and Columbia TriStar Interactive Present "Virtual Capeside."
Columbia Tristar Television

Step 2: The Picture. Put a picture of your place on the page
you are building. You can do this by uploading one from your
hard drive (A), or choosing one from our library (B).

(A) Upload Your Own Image: If you have a picture you want to use, (that you drew
or took) you can upload a gif or jpeg image from your personal hard drive on to your
(If you don't have a picture to upload, scroll down to Step 2(B).)
First, browse your hard drive to choose an image that you have ready.

Then, click UPLOAD to place the image on your page, and go to Step 3

WARNING: If you are using Internet Explorer (MSIE) 3, you will not be
able to upload a file - scroll down to Step 2(B) and choose an image.

(B) Choose From the Image Library: If you've made it here, you've chosen not
to upload your own image of Capeside, and instead to use one of our fabulous images!
Here you can browse through a library of Capeside images ó pictures taken in the
actual town ó and choose one to use on your page. Use the pulldown menu below to
select an image from the library. You can check out small thumbnail versions of all of
your choices below the menu.

Select an image of Capeside:

1: cafe/bar
2: hair/nail salon
3: storefront
4: video store
5: creek/pond
6: downtown
7: house/deck
8: storefront/intersection
9: house
10: beach/waterfront
11: beach/waterfront
12: cafe/market
13: market/shop
14: creek/dock
15: market/shop
16: waterfront/pier
17: beach/dunes
18: creek/pond
19: cafe/diner/bar
20: house
21: house
Remember: If you don't see a picture that fits the place you want to create, you can upload your own image - you can even use your own house!.

IMAGES: "Dawson's Creek" © 1998 Columbia TriStar Television. All Rights Reserved.

Step 3: The Location. Next, choose the section of town you'd like to build in. (See the map >>> )

select a part of town:

map of capeside

Step 4: The Page Color. Use the pulldown menu
below to choose a background color for your page.

select a color:

Step 5: Decorating. Now, to spruce up your page a bit, use the pulldown menu
below to choose a decorative banner to go on your page. You can check out
different banners below the menu as half-size thumbnails.

select an image:


Step 6: The Name. Here's where you enter the name of your Capeside site,
depending on what you've decided to create. Have you added a new video store
to Capeside, or a hip cafe? Maybe a retro movie theater, or a new park. Be as creative and
realistic as you want ("The Capeside Tri-plex" or "The Grotto Dance Club" for example).

Step 7: A Brief Description. Give a short description (1-2 sentences)
of your new place in Capeside. You don't have to say much here, just enough
to let people know what you've added to Capeside.

Step 8: The Whole Story. Write your fan fiction here! This is the good part.
Here's where you enter your fictional story about the place you just created in
Virtual Capeside, and how it fits into the lives of the "Dawson's Creek" foursome.

(Make sure you include stuff about the place you've created too.)

Step 8: Click the button below to submit your page.

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