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Phoenix Chi and Brooklyn Joseph

Phoenix Chi Gulzar

Born on February 19th 1999, weighing 5.5 pounds

Melanie Gulzar Brown told The Sun last night: "My first words when I saw my baby were, 'God, you are beautiful', then, 'Where's the champagne?' " And Mel's spokesman revealed little Phoenix Chi is just like her mum - she has curly brown hair and brown eyes and is noisy. Sporty Spice Mel C, who was present for the nine-hour labor, said: "She is wicked. I am very excited and proud." Minutes after the birth, minders took six bottles of bubbly, three bouquets and 24 white balloons to Mel's room. She sat up in bed and cracked open the first bottle herself to celebrate with the three Spice pals who were with her throughout the day.
It mirrored a scene from the girls' hit film Spiceworld: The Movie when they all gather around a pal as she gives birth. Mel's parents Martin Brown, 41, and Andrea, 43, travelled from their Leeds home to central London's Portland Hospital. Ex-Ginger Spice Geri Halliwell, who left the band last summer, sent flowers. Phoenix's early arrival caught the couple by surprise, so Jimmy popped out before the birth to buy a car baby seat while couriers arrived with nappies and baby clothes. It was first revealed that Mel was pregnant last August when she was on tour with the group in Phoenix, Arizona.
The announcement came days after Victoria said she was expecting a child with her soccer star fiancé David Beckham. Victoria also gave birth at Portland. Patients that stay there pay £1,315 for the first night and £575 a night after that. Scary Spice started going into labour minutes after finishing a hot chicken balti madras at a tandoori restaurant near her home in Marlow, Bucks. Her spokesman said: "The hot food brought on her contractions." Melanie and Jimmy named her daughter Phoenix Chi after a mythical creature which symbolises new hope - and a spiritual life force. The phoenix was said to live for 500 years then die, consumed by flames. As the fire burned out a new phoenix would rise from the ashes, continuing the circle of life. It features in both Chinese and ancient Egyptian story-telling.
The baby's second name Chi is also Chinese and means "the vital energy which pervades and enables all life". Like the Force in Star Wars, Chi is believed to be all around us, giving us breath and strength. Sun astrologer Gemini Jane said: "Phoenix Chi is a very symbolic and spiritual name. It looks like this child will have a lot to live up to."

Brooklyn Joseph Beckham

Born on March 4th 1999 weighing 7 pounds

Victoria Adams has become the second Spice Mum after going into labor. The 23-year-old, also known as Posh Spice, went into the Portland Hospital in London at around 1600GMT on Thursday. She gave birth to a boy at 2028GMT. The baby, who weighed in at 7lbs, will be called Brooklyn Joseph Beckham. Her fiancé, Manchester United and England footballer David Beckham, was at her side.
After the birth, he said: "It's brilliant. It's something I've always wanted, it's something I've always wanted to do.” David Beckham, pictured after United's match with Inter, is at his fiancée's side The drama comes 24 hours after Beckham played a key part in United's European Cup quarter-final first leg victory over Inter Milan at Old Trafford.
Victoria's fellow Spice Girl, Melanie Gulzar Brown, gave birth to a daughter exactly two weeks and one day ago.

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