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Get out a piece of paper and a pencil!! Just answer the questions below and click on the "Answers," link and see how you did!! NO ANSWERS INCLUDE THE FORMER SPICE, GERI!!

1.  What Spicegirl loves Toni Braxton?

2.  Who was the last Spicegirl to join the group?

3.  What was the groups first name?

4.  Who thought of the name "Spicegirls?"

5.  True or False:  Mel B is the tallest Spicegirl?

6.  True or False:  Emma loves George Clooney?

7.  What Spicegirl loves doughnuts?

8.  True or False:  Mel B talks the most 
(now that Geri is gone?)

9.  Fact or Fiction: Victoria doesn't smile 
because she doesn't think she looks good when she smiles. 

10. True or False:  When the group first started, 
Mel C was the only one who could sing very well.

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