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Where Do You Want To Go?!

Then There Was Four!!!!
Spicegirl Trivia!!!!


1.  Victoria
2.  Emma
3.  Touch
4.  Geri
5.  False. Victoria and Mel C are the tallest.
6.  True
7.  Emma
8.  True
9.  Fact
10. True


0-2 = You could have done a lot better! 
Are you sure we're all talking about the 
same "Spicegirls?!"

3-6 = Pretty good job!  You're a pretty 
big fan, huh?

7-10 = WOW!! You must know tons about the 
Spicegirls! Since you're such a pro, why 
don't you e-mail me some new questions!  
These must be to easy for you!  

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